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28 September, Tuesday


September 2016 – september 2021

The Tyumen Regional Duma numbers 48 deputies. It has been a second time when the formation of regional legislative assembly took place according to a mixed system. The biggest faction in the Tyumen Regional Duma is the one of “United Russia”, which consists of 39 representatives. The faction of LDPR (Liberal Democratic Party of Russia) is represented by 4 deputies, the faction of CPRF (Communist Party of the Russian Federation) is represented by 3 deputies. Just Russia is represented by 2 deputies. It is pleasant to note that the Regional Duma of the 6 convocation has 5 women elected.

The main priorities of activity for the Tyumen Regional Duma for the period are as follows: legislative assurance of constitutional rights and freedoms of people of the region; development of social and economic as well as political integration processes in the Tyumen region; stable economical growth, increase in the standards and quality of living; development of institutes of civil society and local self-government.

Chairman of the Tyumen Regional Duma
S. Korepanov